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We have fun responsibly! Sunrise Festival is an adult only event. Every participant on the day of the festival has to be 18 and over, but can purchase the tickets before.We have fun and we can prove it! Every participant must have a valid proof of ID. It’s for your safety.We have fun fairly! Resell of tickets, or even attempt  to hand on the tickets to third parties may result in cancellation of the ticket and refusing the entrance to the festival.

Information Hub – You’ll find on the left side from the main entrance. The opening times of Information Hub you’ll find in terms and conditions of Sunrise Festival 2020

Food – On the festival site you’ll find over a dozen food stands where you’ll get a hot meal and chilled drinks.

Opening hours – Festival starts at 17:00 and lasts till 4:00 on Friday, 4:30 on Saturday and Sunday.

Ticket stands – you’ll find them by the main entrance to the festival. We don’t guarantee any tickets to be available in the ticket stands.

Location – Sunrise Festival takes place in ex-airport site in Podczele

Payments on festival – Every participant will receive a watch/wristband with RFID chip. Thanks to this, you’ll enter the festival gates quickly and buy what you want. You can top up your credit in dedicated points around the festival area.

Sanitary zone – On Festival there are TOI-TOI points. Theirs location you’ll find in the event program, which you will receive on the entrance of the festival.