13 January 2022 / NEWS


2022 is upon us. It’s been very long-awaited year by us, after couple years of postponing our 18th birthday we’ll finally meet in Kołobrzeg-Podczele! Event production is on very advanced stage, we’re signing the last remaining contracts – moved from year to year – with the artists, we design the festival interior, amazing stages and camping sites together with SunCity. This is happening, this won’t be stopped. No next wave will destroy this. We’ll dance together on the biggest 18th birthday in Poland between 21st and 24th July in Kołobrzeg-Podczele!

To allow us celebrating even more, but first of all less expensive, we have an amazing offer for Yu for this troubling year for all of us. Everyone knows, what’s happening in Poland. Prices of almost everything sky rocketed up. Neither Sunrise Festival or You can avoid it. That’s why we are presenting this unique offer for You – entrance to the well-equipped and prepared camping site for the whole period of festival for only 10 PLN per person. Yes. Only 10 PLN, which will symbolically support the build of the campsite. Due to the current legislation, we’ll have to charge you tourist tax, which will go to the city’s budget. That’s less than 5PLN per night, per person – paid at venue. 

You won’t find an offer like this. None of the festivals around the world offer a cheaper campsite. For a symbolic 10 PLN we are offering you space on the campsite from 15:00 on Thursday 21st July until 12:00 on Tuesday 26th July. You will have to bring your own tent and other camping equipment. On the campsite there will be areas with paid showers, chill area, charging spots, food area, drinks and alcohol area and special dance area, where official Before Sunrise Festival 2022 will take place. We are also planning plenty of activities, so you won’t get bored and spend quality time during your stay. Thanks to this you can save a lot of money. We’re offering the campsite and plenty more almost for free.

We know that plenty of You already bought tickets with Basic, Standard, Premium and VIP campsite. We are subtracting the price of the festival ticket and campsite charge (10PLN). The remaining amount will be credited on your bracelets, thanks to which you can buy stuff around the festival, or we can refund the difference to the accounts you made purchase from. Of course, still offering you the campsite Basic.

Premium and VIP areas are staying as they were. There will be highest quality tents with beds and necessary camping equipment, alongside extra stages especially for Premium and VIP customers.

Despite all the difficulties and troubles around the world, we hope to see as many of You as possible in Kołobrzeg That’s how our idea of probably the cheapest festival campsite in the world. In difficult times, plenty of You has helped us. Now we are returning the favour again. Let’s create unique memories. We are certain, that a huge number of fans will show up to celebrate our extraordinary history of Sunrise Festival. There is no division here.  We are all equal, that’s why we’re awaiting you with open arms.

Current ticket prices remain until 14th February. You can only purchase tickets to Sunrise Festival 2022 on our website. From 15th February there will be a technical break. We need to analyse our system, what will take about 2 weeks. During this time, we’ll announce next artists that will bring our 18th birthday celebration to a new level. There are many spectacular announcements coming your way soon.

On 1st of March, as every year we’ll start the ticket sale. The prices will change, due to the fact of high inflation and high EUR exchange rate. The production costs of such a large event and DJ salaries which are in EUR are growing rapidly day by day. Without increasing the price, we won’t be able to produce a show that will blow you away and put a shadow on what you have seen so far.

That is why, once again we ask you to buy the tickets with campsite entrance in promotional prices. We are giving you time until 15th Feb, so for another 30 days. This is a unique offer, so you can experience unforgettable, summer getaway as least expensive as possible. We guarantee the biggest artists of electronic music, stunning scenery, amazing sound system and one in a kind SunCity, which is full of life nonstop. In addition, sound of the sea, chirping birds, beach and sunbathing. You have to experience this! See you in Kolobrzeg-Podczele on the biggest 18th birthday in this part of Europe!

13 January 2022