18 May 2021 / Uncategorized

Sunrise Festival Postponed to 2022

Dear Sunrise Family!

The recent weeks and months was a mixture of good and bad news. We all have enough of this pandemic. An overwhelming stagnation that has become a vegetation. Creating projects, which you have cannot execute and have to put in your drawer for later. Lack of freedom drives to frustration. This is a description of last couple of months. Slowly, we notice small, but positive changes and we hope that not long from now it will all end and we’ll get back to normality. When? Time will tell. Roadmap out of lockdown is going slow, but successfully.

Despite many difficulties we fought till the last moments. Sunrise Festival production has gained momentum. We all have been very excited, because our plans are really massive. We have managed to achieve many of them, but the most important one – permission – we are unable to obtain. The current lockdown restrictions regarding mass events successfully blocks production of an event such as our festival.

We have done everything in our power, but it’s still not enough, that is why we are forced to delay our 18th birthday to next year. We want to write a new chapter of our history between 21st and 24th July 2022. We promise to keep developing with the same force as during our first edition in Podczele. We are fully convinced, that our 18th birthday will be groundbreaking.

All the tickets, that you have received in form of a bracelet will be kept valid and move automatically to 2022 edition. Tickets are being sent out and the sale is carrying on. If you’d like to support us – we are welcoming you to purchase the ticket for 2022 edition. This will help us to prepare an event you will never forget, which will help us to forget the time of the pandemic. We have to make up that lost time during isolation, the time full of austerities and depression and you won’t find a better place than Sunrise Festival 😉

We hope that all artists already announced will remain in the line-up. At the moment we are carrying out conversations with managements and it all looks very promising. We do know that, all of you will be satisfied. We have plenty of aces in our sleeve, which are top names of electronic music. There is plenty to wait for!

But the hunger to meet with all of you is so huge, that we’d like to organise a separate event this summer – with restricted number of participants and according to sanitary rules, so we could meet up in Podczele. We’d like to inform you that we have proposed organising an event in July and are awaiting decision. If our plan succeeds it will be a first, but huge step towards normality. Tickets for those events will be soon on sale. We’ll inform you as soon as possible.

We would also like to thank everyone who has supported us during this fight to remain in Kolobrzeg. Huge thanks to Anna Mieczkowska – President of Kolobrzeg, Ewa Pelechata – VP of Kolobrzeg and to all council member, who has supported our vision and voted for youth, happiness, freedom, music and history, which has connected the town with the festival for the past 17 years.

Projects that we are preparing for the newly established “Nadmorski Park Kultury” will be on a multi-national scale. You know us well and know we organise only spectacular events. We will develop them over the years, but we know you’ll have amazing and unique memories from this place. This history lasts for couple of generations and we hope and believe it will for many more!

18 May 2021