4 March 2020 / NEWS


This will be a huge bang! With great pleasue we would like to announce that on Saturday 25th July, Silver Stage will be run by one of the most popular hardstyle brands in the world. „I AM HARDSTYLE” will debut at Sunrise Festival. This prominent and surprising project unites all the biggest stars of the genre. In Podczele there will be 9 amazing artists performing for you and the dust won’t set for the long time. „I AM HARDSTYLE” will stay in your harts for good! You can purchase the tickets only on our website https://bilety.sunrisefestival.pl


A huge bomb incoming   With great pleasure we’d like to announce that on Saturday 25 th July #SilverStage will be run by one of the most popular hardstyle brands – I AM HARDSTYLE 

The host of the stage will be the legend of the hardstyle scene, a well known Brennan Heart  The Dutchman performs all around the world, releases banger after a banger and he’s contributing very much to making hard music more and more popular, by running his own music label! He has even released a book where you can find out all the behind the scene aspects of being an artist
This time he’ll make you go wild at Sunrise Festival 2020! Brennan has invited couple of his friends, who are at the very top of hardstyle rankings! Prepare for the enormous amount of energy and incredible show, that will excite you for sure
Tickets can be bought only on our website https://sunrisefestival.pl

D-Block & S-te-fan

An incredible duo, that electrifies hardstyle fans for years! It’s an honour to announce that producers of the biggest hardstyle track of last year will perform at Sunrise Festival 2020
They attract fans with melodies and extraordinary ideas for their productions! They amaze with the skills and relationship with the crowd. They know how to make every crowd boil and lose their mind
The Dutch duo will show you what „Go hard or go home” really means  D-Block & S-te-fan will be guests of I AM HARDSTYLE stage on 25 th of July! Expect a spectacular show


You can be sure that after this performance the dust won’t set for long time The hardstyle legend will play at Sunrise Festival 2020! Coone will present his biggest hits on Saturday 25 th July on I AM HARDSTYLE stage.
The Belgian artist will draw his biggest cannons and won’t hesitate to use them! Real madness full of energy – this is how you can describe his performances. To this day he has released over hundreds of tracks, so you can be calm about his repertoire 😎
This will be his debut at Sunrise Festival, which will definitely stay in your memories for long time! Set full of madness will guarantee you’ll enjoy yourselves as never before. We already can’t wait! 🔥


He is present on the scene for only couple of months so far, but already has managed to stole hard music fans’ hearts! Please welcome Aftershock, who will perform at Sunrise Festival 2020 on the 2 nd day of the festival! 
He has waited long enough to showcase what’s he able of to the world! For a long period of time he was preparing outstanding productions to enter the hard scene with a bang! Now it’s definite, he has a great potential and a lot of energetic material
As he admits himself, he wants to reach the stars and is planning to become the biggest figure on hardstyle scene! A mysterious character in black – Aftershock – will perform an exclusive live show on I AM HARDSTYLE stage! Guaranteed euphoria!


Representative of Italian hard scene and of the biggest name in the genre! One of a kind Zatox will perform at Sunrise Festival 2020 
Certainly, he doesn’t need an introduction! The creator of incredible anthems, dozens of hits and energetic remixes. Wherever he performs, the crowd goes nuts.
His hardstyle gems is an antidote for a bad day, after which the world becomes a better place! Zatox will be a guest on I AM HARDSTLE stage on Saturday 25th July


This duo will smash #SilverStage to pieces! 🔥 It’s a pleasure to announce that requested all around the world, an exclusive Code Black b2b Toneshifterz will take place at Sunrise Festival 2020 😍
Undisputed hardstyle stars, specialising in euphoric and nu-style sounds! Regulars on the biggest, global events, that attract fans like a magnet 🙌
This time they will perform for you on our 18th birthday! The duo will perform on Saturday 25th July on I AM HARDSTYLE stage You can’t miss this!

One of the most popular hardstyle voice in the world! He’s the man who will make some noise on I AM HARDSTYLE stage.  Please welcome one and only MC Villain
An incredible master of ceremony, thanks to who every track becomes gold! He knows how to direct crowd to fascination.He’s presence make people euphoric! MC Villain will show up on Saturday 25 th July at Sunrise Festival 2020

🎫 Tickets can be bought only on our website https://sunrisefestival.pl

4 March 2020