11 March 2020 / NEWS

Official statement

Dear SunriseFestival family! Today Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki has decided to ban all mass events from taking place. This is a right decision that has to accepted. All measures need to be taken in order to decrease coronavirus spreading, to avoid such chaos like for example in Italy. This ban will be in place until further notice, so we are not sure how long it will last. Our festival takes place in the end of July, so there’s over 4,5 months left. We’d like to inform that at this moment we do not worry about cancelling our event. In these upcoming months the situation can change rapidly, that’s why we believe, that by then the coronavirus will be defeated. We are still working full time and preparing our 18th birthday. We have signed contracts with many dozens of artists, we are preparing beautiful scenography, SunCity campsite and many more attractions. We are positive and hope that as every other year we will meet on the festival of the rising Sun. Despite that, we are not ignoring the alerts and we are in a constant contact with medial and admin staff. We care the most about your safety and health. To sum up – as of today there is no way we are cancelling Sunrise Festival. There’s still plenty of time until the event, that’s why we are working according to plan. Soon we will announce more stars, that will perform in Podczele!

11 March 2020